Corporate Profile

Corporate History

  • Founded in Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
  • Manufactured "Pimple Out Rubber" commissioned by table tennis racket producers.
  • Rubber products of that time were mainly for hobby-rackets both for domestic and US markets.
1961 Takeshi Takahashi Company registration
President:Takeshi Takahashi
1965 Constructed the new plant in the present location (Yashio, Saitama prefecture) and transferred our office.
1966~ Hobby-class rubbers were led by Chinese products and our sales were negatively influenced by this market change. Next action was a switch to the middle-grade products.
1990 New Plant built on the current site.
  • Mr. Takeshi Takahashi passed.
  • Mr. Hidenari Takahashi became President.
  • Started to develop premium rubber and sponge(Because of our complete dependence on contract production, particularly sponge production we had a dilemma on the limitation of product performance.)
1996 Developed such characteristic rubbers as ‘Pimple Out Rubber’ and ‘Sticky Type Rubber’(We still remained under busy situation to cope with ‘Quantity-First’ orders of low-profile rubbers to be pasted on the racket. The in-house development of new products was KFS (key factor for success) and we were occupied with the repetition of sample manufactures and tests everyday. )
  • Succeeded in the development of ‘High Elasticity Rubber known as ‘Classic Rubber’ now’. The awareness was gradually enhanced.
  • Succeeded in the development of ‘Sponge’ .(Order quantity from overseas customers tended to increase by means of optimized combination with our unique, lightweight elastic sponge by fine air bubbles.)
  • Change of rules on ball diameter [ from 38mm to 40mm]~
  • Explosive hit of ‘ 40mm Adaptive Rubber’ in domestic market (We successfully developed soft and elastic sponge, although its feature of softness and elasticity would have been unlikely to be realized because of high mix ratio of rubber under the general common knowledge.)
  • The awareness of our company further enhanced both in domestic and overseas market thanks to drastic upgrading of product appeal through the start of our in-house sponge production.
  • Top players both in Japan and abroad are performing well with our products.
    (Although all the employees had been under busy days relative to honored usage of world’s top players, they had subsequently kept their motivation at high level, and thus the year 2000 became the start of “Breakthrough”.)
  • Extended plant responding to order enlargement of premium rubber items in several times. (Major facilities: Sheet Press Machine x 2 units/ Sponge Press Machines x 4 units/ Roll Machines x 2 units.)
  • Adachi warehouse newly built.
  • Started early switch of internally used adhesives from solvent-based to environmentally friendly water-based.
  • Prohibited the use of auxiliary material Speed Glue.
  • Succeeded in the development of ‘lightweight yet bouncy sponge’ without glue by our formulation miracle where further increase of synthetic ratio was implemented combining all of our technologies.
  • Increase of orders received of 'Tensioned Rubber'.
  • Newly built 1st and 2nd Warehouse in Yashio and transferred from Adachi warehouse.
  • Installed dedicated clicker for sponge and automatic measurement devices of hardness and thickness for improved work efficiency.
  • Developed 'Pimple Out Rubber for 44mm ball'. This type is used by many of domestic top players.
  • The material of balls was changed from celluloid to plastics.
  • Succeeded in the development of ‘Spinny Tensioned Rubber’ which can transmit the power of player to the fullest extent.
  • Became a subsidiary of KISCO through a business transfer.
2015 Company name changed to Daiki Rubber Co., LTD.
  • Sponge factory starts operation in Kizone, Yashio City.
  • Introduced a sponge slicing machine and made all processes in-house.
2017 Introduced a high-pressure press and started developing high-quality, high-performance rubber.
2020 Inotroduced 3D shape measuring machine makes enable highly accurate product analysis.
2022 Introduced high-speed cameras. It becomes possible to visualize and analyze the amount of rotation of the ball.
Introducing high-quality and performance rubber to the market based on the results of amassed evidence by new equipments.

Company Overview

Trade Name Daiki Rubber Co., Ltd.
Address 600-3, Koshinden, Yashio, Saitama 340-0823 JAPAN
President Norikazu Koda
Business Outline ・Production of various rubbers for table tennis rackets
・Production of high-performance rubbers for table tennis players
・Production of various nonslip sheet materials
Employees 44
Machinery and Equipment Mixing Roller(16 inch ) 3 units / Blending Roller (18 inch) 1 unit / Sponge Press Machine 7 units / Sheet Press Machine 8 units / Curelastometer 1 unit / Tensile Testing Machine 1 unit / Solvent Gas Detector 1 unit / Various Analysis Devices / Hydraulic Sponge Cutter 1 unit / Sponge Hardness &Thickness Automatic Measurement and Sorting Machine / Forklift 1 unit

Access Map

600-3, Koshinden, Yashio, Saitama
340-0823 JAPAN